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About CollegePlannerPro

The leading software provider for independent educational consultants, CollegePlannerPro has been serving the industry since 2011. A trusted brand and loyal partner of IECA and HECA, we have the experience and understanding of GuidedPath members' needs you can rely on. Our dedicated support team is here to help ease your transition and ensure you and your company's continued success with CollegePlannerPro.

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The GuidedPath Transition Plan

Sign up by September 30th and receive 90 Days Free of CollegePlannerPro. Migrate your data at no additional cost and receive free onboarding and support calls to help you get up and running quickly. 


Our Features

Why Choose Us?

Consistent Features

Find the same great features you had in GuidedPath with CollegePlannerPro.

  • Start-to-finish college list building and application management tools
  • Comprehensive CRM for storing student and parent data, notes, emails, tasks, appointments, files and more
  • Fiske Guide to Colleges profile information built-in
  • Standardized test planning and score tracking
  • Billing and invoicing tools (bonus: includes time tracker and credit card payment option for clients)
  • Prompt integration (free essay prompts built-in; additional services available for purchase)
  • College search (coming soon!)

Additional Features

Explore even more features that you will find exclusively with CollegePlannerPro.

  • Free, built-in scheduling tool that pushes events to your 3rd party calendar
  • Free, unlimited, two-way SMS messaging with students
  • Mobile account access for consultants and students
  • Multi-student file sharing and task management (time saver!)
  • Robust customization and tracking of Broadcast email campaigns
  • Access to free test prep resources from our partners at ArborBridge
  • A member-only community forum where you can discuss industry news, best practices, and how to best utilize your account with a group of peers.


Your Crash Course on CollegePlannerPro

We hosted a training series exclusively for current GuidedPath members making the transition to CollegePlannerPro. The entire 3-part training series is now available on demand so that you may watch, or rewatch, at any time.

The Student Profile

The Student Account

Application Deadlines & Requirements

How It Works

Take a Quick Look

This 5-minute video will take you on a quick spin around CollegePlannerPro and give you more information about the platform's capabilities and why our members love us and rely on us. Want to take a closer look? Check out our 20-minute demo or book your own one-on-one demo below.

Join a Rich Member Community

CollegePlannerPro enables me to be 10x as efficient as I otherwise might be without the service. Many thanks! Rick Cameron
I would recommend CollegePlannerPro for any educational consultant. I use the software every single day for my practice and every year I get my students to use it more. I don't know how I would have such a big practice without it. Rebekah Elmore
Very intuitive to use for both consultants and students and if I run into something I need help with, customer service is quick to respond. Sandy Lawrence
CollegePlannerPro is essential to my business. I use it to manage my to-do's and the to-do's of my students. I highly recommend it! Kelly Conley
CollegePlannerPro helps me be more efficient with my clients. I love the To-Do Tasks and meeting notes features! Laura Blanche
I make good use of many of the features (communication, calendar/scheduling, billing, college information) and look forward to learning how to use more features. It is very helpful and professional. Anne Gould
Excellent customer service, user-friendly system, affordable, fantastic response to customer requests. It's a great system for my kids to manage everything in their college admission process. Thank you for making my job more efficient. Belinda Wilkerson
This has been the best program EVER. I have been super happy with it, as have my clients. In fact, this website/program has sold itself / been the reason for clients to sign up with me. Arlette B. Bolduc

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