Using collegeplannerpro to communicate, retain and grow during uncertain times

Because what’s happening in the world is unprecedented, there’s no set of best practices to lead us through. Instead, we need to chart this course together. That’s why we’re bringing together some of the best ideas, tips, and resources into one hub.

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How IECs Are Adapting

Digital Materials

"With the pandemic I can’t give my usual talks at local high schools or college fairs. As such, I’ve put more effort into digital marketing. When I have tables, people like to take printed materials. Therefore, I created an online view book/flip book that captures my main services in one digestible format."

-Sydney Montgomery

Recorded Videos

"Like others, we are now entirely on Zoom, but we have also added a COVID resources page to our website, and are putting together a series of Animoto videos with information on college transition that we would normally transmit in person."

-Wendie Lubic, The College Lady

Virtual Events

"I’m doing Facebook live Q&A and more webinars in the late spring to try to reach more people and provide clarity on the situation as it relates to admissions and transitioning in the fall."

-Sydney Montgomery

Connecting Virtually

"We have always relied heavily on Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype, FaceTime, Botim, Whats App, and Wechat to communicate with international students, but now we use these platforms exclusively until we can travel again to resume in-person counseling."

-Judith Winters, JWCCHK

Sharing Information

"I have been sharing COVID updates with my local high schools college and career center. I’ve found that information dissemination in manageable and concise ways helps attract more clients and provide help to the community."
-Sydney Montgomery

Relying on CPP

Everything has moved to zoom instead of in-person. I have met with my clients many more times but for shorter periods of time. I've also started relying on CCP more too.

Jen Miller-Hogg, College Path Advising

An Earlier Timeline

Timing has moved earlier because of the Quarantine. What was traditionally done in summer and fall has been started now for some students. Students are eager to research colleges online and I have asked each of them to set up a college research notebook.

Lisa Wendland, Wendland College Planning

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Join the Community Forum

CollegePlannerPro has been fortunate enough to be fueled by a passionate member base since its inception over a decade ago. Now more than ever, we have learned that this community and these connections matter deeply. With this at the forefront, we have established a dedicated space for our members called the CollegePlannerPro Community Forum. 

The CollegePlannerPro Forum is an online, member-only community that supports idea sharing via discussion threads, questions and polls, groups, and more. Joining the Forum gives you direct access to CollegePlannerPro's expansive member network of IECs, who together can share expertise, knowledge, notes, and have conversations relevant to the industry and COVID-19's impact.

Current members should have received an email invitation to join. If you need us to resend your invitation, please contact us

Stay in Touch with Prospects and Clients

Communication is now more important than ever. Use CollegePlannerPro's recently enhanced Broadcast message feature to stay in touch with current clients and to reach prospective clients.

If you are looking for ideas for revamping your email marketing during this time, we've provided our tips for you here: Email Marketing Strategy for IECs.

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Video Tutorials

Working Online with Students
Many counselors are moving their practice online. Meeting with families via video call, and collaborating with students via online tools. We cover how to make the most of your online time with students.
Meeting scheduler and zoom 
This video walkthrough will show you how to use the automated scheduling tool within CollegePlannerPro, in collaboration with Zoom, to allow your students to easily book meetings with you and then seamlessly join your Zoom meeting space through the calendar invite. 
student account introduction
Staying on track with students becomes harder to manage when working remotely. This video focuses on how to introduce your student to their CustomCollegePlan account so that you feel confident you'll have the systems in place to continue on. 

Upcoming Webinars

Now is a great time to explore new ways of marketing your services, connecting with students, and running your business. It is also a great time to streamline your business processes and ensure you are best utilizing the tools you lean on. We are working to bring you lots of helpful webinars about CollegePlannerPro, our affiliates, and general best practices. Join us for these live events or catch a recording on our events page here: CollegePlannerPro Webinars and Events.

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Download Our Free Ebook

This guide explores online tools and best practices for transitioning your practice online. This includes:

  • The tools that you should be considering to help you get better results from your online work.
  • An overview of Zoom and the value that it can add to virtual meetings.
  • A look at the tools that CollegePlannerPro provides that will help you successfully collaborate, communicate, and stay on track with your students no matter your locations.